Unique Natural Products Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24-Ounce


(as of 06/27/2019 at 21:35 UTC)


Finally a Toilet Bowl Cleaner focused on the needs of your septic system. Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner provides excellent cleaning results while infusing your septic system with septic enhancing microbes. For years, users of Unique's Septic System Digester have asked for a toilet bowl cleaner that won't fight against the results of Septic System Digester and finally here it is! Don't settle for "septic-safe" expect "septic enhancing"! Does not replace monthly use of Septic System Digester.


  • Professional strength stain removing formulation
  • Removes hard water stains
  • Includes septic enhancing microbes
  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Microbes continue cleaning toilet bowl for days


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